Thursday, March 23, 2017

Positive Vibes Only by Megan Copeland

In the halls of Mooresville High School, negativity spreads like a wildfire in the warm deserts of the Sahara. Except one boy from Brazil who spreads happiness and positivity everywhere he goes.

Sao Paulo, Brazil is home to over twelve million people, but Mooresville has temporarily borrowed one of the most high spirited teenagers from the country of Brazil. This boy is named Gabriel Peres. He classes vary by grade levels, but his ability to make friends no matter the grade is outstanding.
Peres has so far loved his experience in Mooresville. He has especially loved meeting new people, and making new friends.
“Everyone here is so nice,” Peres said.
So far, Peres has made a deep impact on people, no matter if they are friends or foes. He continues to make people’s days better, including sophomore Sam Thesier.
“I think that by being around him, it’s made me a more positive person,”
Thesier said.
Peres has also made a smaller impact within the lives of his host family. His host mom, school nurse Misty Wymner, is happy to have Peres in their home.
“I think of him as another child because we’re fully responsible for him. We are enjoying the cultural and language differences and watching him improve his English,” Wymner said.
Maybe this positive boy from Sao Paulo, Brazil is exactly the rainfall Mooresville’s negative Sahara needed.

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