Thursday, March 23, 2017

Welcome to The Nutt Family by Ashley Cox, Lacey Watt, and Jenna Briere

A few weeks ago, MHS hosted the annual spring play. Students from all grade levels came together to put on a show for fellow students, friends, and family members. Many in the play agreed that it went a little nuts, so welcome to The Nutt Family!


Senior Michael Frink participates in his first spring play. Frink played a very sleepy character named Well Doze. “My favorite part about my character was that I get to be myself, I pretty much sleep all the time,” Frink said.

Senior Natalie Guffey is Bea Wise in this years spring play. Guffey had very fun memories during the time they had making this play. “My favorite memory was when Ashton kept getting the red couch on stage because Mrs. Kassen refused to use it. He kept sneaking it and using the lift, and chanting a spongebob chant,” Guffey said.

Junior Parker Webster (left) and senior Ashton Eicher (right)
Junior Parker Webster leaps across the stage toward his fellow actor Ashton Eicher. Webster enjoyed the time spent with the play and looks forward to continue acting. “I would potentially act outside of school in the near future, and maybe in college as well,” Webster said.

Sophomore Abigail Cox plays a Schizophrenic the spring play. Cox played a character that had multiple personalities, and loved everyone of them. “I learned how to portray my character better, and how to make new friends during this play,” Cox said

Junior Madison Peterman weeps on stage for her characters lost husband. This performance was Peterman’s second time on stage. “I feel accomplished but sad it’s over, because of the seniors leaving and the fact I’ll be a senior next year,” Peterman said.

In order from left to right: junior sophomore Leah Duncan, Josh Hansel, senior Kelsey McNew, junior Maddie Poynter
Junior Maddie Poynter says her lines as she enters stage left. Being her first year, Poynter loved the experience and loved the whole aspect of acting. “I would love to pursue acting outside of school, to gain more experience and I love performing so to do it more would be amazing,” Poynter said.

Junior Leah Duncan struts across stage to fer fellow actor in the current scene. Duncan talked about how being in the play becomes a part of a person and their schedule. “I learned that acting has you step out of your comfort zone to expand your horizons,” Duncan said.

Freshman Libby Kasper scurries across stage to her husband in the play, junior Parker Webster. Kasper has been acting since the third grade, so there is no shock to her when on stage. “As for tips on acting, if you feel silly, then you’re doing it right. Acting is a form of expression,” Kasper said.

Junior Kate Disney (left) and sophomore Saylor Dickerson (right)
Sophomore Saylor Dickerson speaks with confidence as she acts on stage. She practiced her accent and was very proud of it. “I liked my southern accent. It was fun to work on,” Dickerson said.

Actors/Actresses not quoted:

Sophomore Alex LaPlante

Sophomore Hayli Keith

In order from left to right: junior Madison Peterman, junior Kate Disney, and senior Kelsey McNew

Senior Ashton Eicher

Senior Kitley DeFelice

Senior Adora Pingstock

In order from left to right: junior Parker Webster, senior Ashton Eicher, and sophomore Kaylee Wise

Sophomore Kenna Madison

In order from left to right: sophomore Abby Cox, sophomore Alex LaPlante, and freshman Pug Crum

Senior Tristan Ashman
Sophomore Jalen Schuck