Monday, April 9, 2018

Things to Do in Mooresville During the Summer by Kimmy Turley

There are many activities and things to do in Mooresville during summer break. Here are a few examples:

photo by Kimmy Turley

  1. Go to Pioneer Park.
  There are many adventures at Pioneer Park. There are multiple basketball courts and beach volleyball courts, as well as a pool. There are also many trails that are great for walks, or for a bike ride.
  1. Go and get a snow cone and/or ice cream.
  In the town of Mooresville, there is a Dairy Queen located on the corner of Bridge Street and Highway 67, where they sell blizzards, chocolate dipped cones, and different types of sundaes. There is also a Tropical Snow sitting in the parking lot located right next to Core Fitness Club, where they have almost every flavor of snow cones.
  1. Go to Anderson Orchard and pick different fruits.
  Anderson Orchard is not only known for its pumpkin patch and apple cider slushies in the fall. During the Summer, Anderson Orchard features different types of fruits to pick including apples, red raspberries, and plums. They also feature an apple barn, where there are can other fruits such as watermelons, peaches, and of course apples.
  1. Go to the Sodalis Nature Park and go on a hike, go fishing, and go on a picnic.
  Just like Pioneer Park, there are many adventures at Sodalis Nature Park. At the nature park, there are many trails that are great for hiking. There are also many ponds that include great spots for fishing, as well as a picnic area with great spots for a nice lunch.
  1. Go have lunch or dinner at one of Mooresville’s restaurants.
  Mooresville features many restaurants for a lunch or dinner with your friends and family. One of the restaurants is Zydeco’s. Zydeco’s serves Cajun Cuisine and features many traditional New Orleans’s dishes including gumbo, jambalaya, and crawfish etouffee. Another restaurant is Squealers Award Winning Barbecue. Squealers Award Winning Barbeque serves traditional barbecue in hefty portions including smoked ribs, brisket, and pulled pork.
  1. Go antique shopping at the Yellow Moon Antique Mall.
  At the Yellow Moon Antique Mall, they feature antique treasures for all. They have two big rooms, one small room, and a basement in the mall filled with different antiques.
  1. Go to the Willowfield Lavender Farm.
  The Willowfield Lavender Farm is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The farm allows a spot for picking wild lavender that they grow, as well as buying some of the different products they make using the lavender. They also provide a spot for pictures, and weddings.
  1. Go to Core Fitness Club for a morning or afternoon workout.
  Core Fitness Club is Mooresville’s most featured gym. Core is a two story gym with multiple rooms. Core has everything from treadmills, to squat racks, to workout machines, to weights. They also feature yoga classes, tanning beds, and zumba classes. Core has many membership options such as a day rate of $5 a day, a week rate of $12 a week, and a month rate of $30 a month.
  1. Go to the Mooresville Public Library, and read or checkout a book.
  The Mooresville Public Library has many things to do during the summer break. One thing to do is check out a book under a personal library card. Another is to spend a day in the library, and reading a book there. Another thing to do is to join a book club, or go to one of the craft days they have at the library.