Friday, April 27, 2018

Painting by Abby Cox

The former tradition of painting parking spaces will return in the Fall of 2018 for seniors in the class of 2019.

Juniors Jenna McBryar and and Abby Harris started a petition in Feb., which quickly got signs and gathered information to meet with Dr. Brian Disney. They held a meeting which had other students and even got parents involved. After this meeting, MHS decided to allow future seniors to paint their parking places.
While the specifics details of this major project are subject to change; the policy has been formally approved. There will be a time frame for students to be able to paint their spot. 2019 seniors will be required to submit designs to the office for approval before they may start painting. The painting days will likely be assigned through the office.
There could be some type of lottery that will determine spots to paint. Those painting will need to have a parking pass in order to be able to paint spots and pay a fee for painting. The fee will cover resurfacing for the next years seniors. The cost of the fee is still being determined.

If someone parks in a student’s assigned painted spot, the office will ask the person to move his or her vehicle unless the following explanation happens: if the parking lot is covered in snow and they are unable to see, even the lines to park correctly, then they will not be asked to leave.