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Eyes Opened by Mackenzie Shrum

 Juniors are able to read “The body” thanks to the donations from Stephen King
“Some people drown, that’s all. It’s not fair but it happens. Some people drown.”
Stephen King’s novella, “The Body” was published in 1982, and later on in 1986 was made into the movie Stand by Me.
What a lot of people don't know is the junior regular English class received two full class sets of  “The Body” sent for free by Stephen King himself. But before the rainbow, there was a storm. Mrs. Kelly Patel had requested to get textbooks from Pearson, the company that provides our books at Mooresville High School.
When they tried to order from the adoption company, Pearson, they were not able to receive them because they were no longer available. Later on Patel had found out that the book was no longer available.
“There has to be a way we can get them. It is a very high interest read. It is nice to see students picking up their book without being told and reading outside of class,” Patel said.
Patel felt devastated that she could not receive these books. English teacher Jason Zollman and Patel thought this would be a great lesson to teach the class.
“In this age of testing we wanted to end the year reminding students that reading can still be fun.” The testing environment can be very stressful, and teaching this book is good for the teenagers to get a break. Life lessons can be taught out of this. It can be very helpful for this age and time,” Zollman said.
One example of a life a lesson in this book is “One being reflecting on the significance of early friendships and their significance in shaping who we become as adults.”
Kylie Vanet is a student that is currently reading the book.
“It’s never the same, they’re always doing or talking about something different,” Vanet said.
Vanet said she feels confident in reading this book, and it makes her want to read. She relates to it.
“My life always has new things going on I’m always doing or going through something different,” Vanet said.
The goal for Patel was to get the kids to be interested in reading a good book. So, to do that she made them do a project.
“The projects are based off the interests of the students. I wanted it to be fun, and make sure I have students who wanted to do the project and complete it. I tried to make sure to make sure there was a project to choose from which would interest everyone,” Patel said.
This story is about a couple of boys going on an adventure not to far from home. They learn that sticking together makes you stronger, and that without each other they wouldn't have made it home.
This story hits home to a lot of students, there are lessons learned, and eyes open.

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