Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Lainie Woodward's Photo Story

Senior Max Rutherford works on his dual project in photoshop for Photography 1 and AP Art. Rutherford’s art is inspired by dark and bloody feelings. “Mrs. Avery is the best part of this class point blank period,” Rutherford said.

Freshman Sinna Zheng lays on the floor for a picture. Zheng had lots of fun modeling for the photo. “The creativity going on in the class is the best part,” Zheng said. 
Junior Alex Cooper gets assistance from teacher Allyson Avery. Cooper enjoyed using photoshop. “Photoshop is cool, it's like coloring,” Cooper said.
Senior Max Rutherford holds and models the string lights for a photo. Rutherford helped model for his fellow classmates' photos. “We were taking pictures of the different kinds of light while trying to emphasize the shadow,” Rutherford said.
Junior Alex Cooper works on her emphasis photoshop project. Cooper took the photo of a bridge in Peoria, Illinois. “The difficulty of this class is my phone storage,” Cooper said.
Freshman Brynnely Gilliam helps classmates create artificial light. Gilliam had to retake the photos because they did not turn out to her standards. “My mom inspires my photos. She is always taking photos and made me realize I wanted to take a photography class,” Gilliam said. 
Freshman Sinna Zheng helps a classmate take a photo with a lamp. Zheng loved to help her classmates. “I get inspiration from the example slides Mrs. Avery shows us,” Zheng said.