Thursday, October 11, 2012

EDITORIAL: Improving Our School

What the Pulse staff thinks needs changed at MHS

   With the possibilities of renovations to MHS upon us, many students will be thinking of the things that they want changed.
   The Pulse staff recently discussed what they thought should be changed in the high school. With the plans to cut down the size of the courtyard being considered, students will worry that they will not have any space to eat outside. Getting fresh air during the day is important, so a new area to eat outside would be nice.
   MHS has had the same plain white walls for two years, and a little splash of color would benefit the way people see the interior of our school. Lockers are also a problem, as most are outdated and hard to get to during passing period. For juniors, the glass hallway lockers could be moved to make them more accessible, and the senior lockers in the English hallway could be moved into the wall more to give the seniors some space to get the books and materials they need.
   The hallways are always packed with students, making them difficult to maneuver. If the hallways were to be widened, students would have more room to walk and getting to class would be quicker and easier.
   The restrooms at MHS could use some touching up as well. Also, the guys would appreciate more mirrors in the restrooms, as there are only four men’s restrooms in the school with mirrors. The water quality in our school is also an improvement worth mentioning. If the water were filtered, it would eliminate the iron-like taste of the drinking fountain water.
   The MHS school board will be looking for ideas for renovations if the movement passes, and the most important ideas come from the staff and students.