Thursday, April 18, 2013

Congrats MHS Teacher of the Year Andy Marine!

Teacher of the Year

by Cassidy Kelley


   Andrew “Andy” Marine has been a teacher at MHS for 10 years. His dedication to his students has shown through upon receiving the Hope Teacher of the Year Award.

   Every year, the teachers at every Mooresville school vote for a teacher of the year; once all of the votes are taken, one teacher wins ‘Teacher of the Year’ for that school. Those teachers are then put into a larger ballot and voted upon to become Mooresville Corporation’s chosen Teacher of the Year. Mr. Andrew Marine has been awarded the MHS ‘Teacher of the Year’ award and is in the running for the corporation’s award.

   “The teacher who is voted ‘Teacher of the Year’ will represent Mooresville at the State level,” Marine said. “That decision will be made in either May or August.”

   In order to become teacher of the year, there is certain criterion that they have to fulfill. It’s definitely no walk in the park.

   According to the Indiana Department of Education, the qualifications are: Be exceptionally skilled and dedicated, Have the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues, Play an active and useful role in their community as in their school, and to be poised and articulate. Other criterion is the teacher’s ability to: inspire love of learning, in students of all backgrounds and abilities, work cooperatively with fellow professionals, devote time and energy to activities which result in improved construction for children, work effectively with a variety of publics in the community, make contributions to the field of education, displays capability of innovative practices in the classroom.

   MHS’s additional requirements are that the teacher exhibits pride in the teaching profession, respects the worth and dignity of others, and has good communication and relationship with the students and parents.

   Marine is a well-known teacher around MHS. He teaches Mass Media, Broadcast, Film Literature, and English 9 Honors. His students describe him as a fun-loving and jack-of-all-trades kind of guy.

   “The notecards that he always hands out shows that he cares about his students,” sophomore Elizabeth Brock said. Brock has been Marine’s student on the broadcast team since her eighth grade year. “He always wants us to try and learn more.”

   Senior David Trusty has been a student of Marine’s for the past four years. In his junior year, he had three class periods with Marine back-to-back.

   “He’s been very helpful with teaching me life lessons and doing better in school,” Trusty said. “to try harder and do the best with the little time you have.”

   Freshman Jamie Grass has only had Marine for the current year, but already thinks highly of him and his way of teaching.

   “He runs his class well and he balances education with fun,” Grass said. “He’s hyper and outgoing. He’s also helped me to become a better writer and have a positive personality change.”

   Mr. Andrew Marine has been a force of positivity for MHS and it shows in the reactions of his students. They are all extremely happy and proud of him for his accomplishment, and would like to express their congratulations.


   “It can definitely only get better from here.” –Jamie Grass


   “You’re one slick guy.” –Elizabeth Brock


   “Good job old guy. Glad you got one in before you bit the dust.” –David Trusty