Student Body President Elections Friday

Jesse Cordray

Mackenzie Leterneau

Rachel Wathen

   Tomorrow, voting for next year’s student body president will be taking place during second period. This year’s candidates are juniors Jesse Cordray, Rachel Wathen and Mackenzie Leterneau.
   Jesse Cordray is a junior involved in broadcast, NHS and show choir.
   “I want to be student body president so I can make as big of a difference at MHS as I possibly can,” Cordray said. “If elected president, I want to bring color back to the halls of our school. I would like to bring back the murals above the lockers.”
    Rachel Wathen is a junior involved in tennis, show choir, yearbook and NHS.
   “I’ve wanted to be student body president ever since I was eight,” Wathen said. “I want to provide a voice for the students who often aren’t heard. If elected, I would like to bring back more fun opportunities to MHS.”
   Mackenzie Leterneau is a junior involved in show choir, NHS and color guard.
   “If elected, I want to fix problems in our school that everyone complains about but no one seems to fix,” Leterneau said.
   Be sure to cast your vote tomorrow and choose your new student body president.

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