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Prom Court Nominees

Prom Court Nominees
All nominations are due Friday, April 26 in Mr. Olivier’s Room 223.

Prom Queen
Jessica Stinger
Olivia Oswalt
Bethany Neese
Bailey McNally
Alex Hicks
Bailey Hawkins
Laurel Gregory
Becca Ford
Nicole Crose

Prom Princess
Haley Wyble
Rachel Wathen
Emily Warfield
Ivana Lucero
Alex Langford
Kayla Harpold
Shayla Harper
Ariel Halstead
Emilee Eickman
Tara Davis
Morganne Belton
Paige Baker

Prom King
Ryan Redelman
Michael Passmore
Brandon Polson
Zane O’Dell
Jake Morning
Andrew Moore
Zach Minardo
Cole Long
Alec Hallgarth
Antonio Gioe
Trey Faull

Prom Prince
Austin Wagner
Reggie Stubbs
Nick Schmutte
Keith Kassen
Brett Hoffman
Jesse Cordray
Logan Allen

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