Thursday, November 8, 2018

Avery Eats: King Gyro by Avery Hoffman

In the past few years, many new dining establishments are popping up in Mooresville. How exciting! When pondering on a brisk fall Saturday afternoon in Mooresville, “What am I going to do for lunch?,” consider King Gyro as a promising choice.
King Gyro is a chain restaurant usually found in more urban type areas with two locations in Indianapolis. It has now opened up in Mooresville in early September. They offer their Greek-American cuisine in a building that was formerly a Long John Silver’s; however, don’t be fooled: the new restaurant has been completely refurbished from the old.
Upon entry, the smell of lamb and beef fills the corridors of the dining establishment. Automatically, there is a very homey environment. A meal at King Gyro is comparable to a extremely fancy top notch concession stand. If you like the more baseball game/urban feel to your meals, King Gyro is a fine choice.
Junior Ethen Lehr visited King Gyro on the grand opening night. Ethen purchased a Gyro plate. 
“It’s really good… I think the owner’s name was Jesepee, and I like that name a whole lot. I think it’s my favorite restaurant.” Lehr said. 
Ethen is known to visit King Gyro regularly, at least twice a week.