Thursday, November 8, 2018

Record Face by Noah Justus

  While Mooresville isn’t a town known for the art scene, that doesn’t mean the town doesn’t have some unique things to offer.
  Recently a strange object showed up in the center of town. Glued to the side of Movieland USA is face made up of various music related materials.
  This object is Record Face. Record Face is an anonymous art project that started in the urban parts of Indianapolis. Since the first sighting Record Face has been spotted everywhere across Indiana. They have been found above an intersection in Maryland streets, Outside the Red Key Tavern in Indianapolis and downtown downtown Greensburg to name a few.
It consists of a vinyl record for a base, magnetic tape for hair, four guitar picks for teeth, a reflector for an eye and a pair of earbuds plugged into an mp3 player that plays nine original songs created by the unknown artist.
  The song found on the mp3 in Mooresville is a low consistent drum and a distorted voice backed by some ambient noises. The mp3 player has since been stolen off the side of Movieland USA.
One of the first people to notice record face’s existence was former Mooresville High School student, Ethan Wymer.
  “I think it’s really fascinating, yet deeply terrifying. Before the mp3 player was stolen, the audio sounded like a demonic criminal who wanted to put this record up as a precursor to a kill. Also, the record went up, then Movieland USA was broken into and robbed so that’s really weird”, Wymer said.
  While little is known about “Record Face”, the project is gaining more and more coverage as time goes on. It’s significance is slowly becoming a bigger part of the art culture in Indiana.