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School Lunches by Kaitlyn Barber

  Whether it be to hang out with friends or to just to eat, multiple students see lunch as the best part of the day.
  MHS has three separate lunches with five different lunch lines, all with different options. The lunch menu tends to change every week. Every student has their own personalized pin code as well.
  “[Madison High School] has three different lunch lines and less variety.” senior Katelyn Casper said.
  The variety of food isn’t the only thing that sets MHS lunch apart from others. As mentioned before, each and every student at MHS receives their own personal pin code for lunches. This pin is used by students to pay for lunches and extra snacks.
  MHS is different from some other schools and many students don’t understand that until they are introduced to another perspective. One final thing that sets MHS apart from other schools is cafeteria size. The MHS cafeteria holds 52 indoor lunch tables,10 tables in the courtyard, and 8 booths for students to sit during their lunch.
  “The cafeteria [at Heath High School] was about as small as the smallest gym in PHMS.” senior Cheyenne Jennette said.
  Every school is required to provide an adequate lunch for students, and Mooresville’s way of doing so proves to be different than most schools.


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