Monday, May 11, 2020

Adopt-A-Senior by Noah Justus

Mooresville’s community bands together to show support for the graduating class
by Noah Justus

Missing out on opportunities and events others get to participate in is never a great experience and due to the pandemic, many are having to deal with just that. The current graduating class of seniors will be missing out on many things such as their last prom, senior picnic, senior skip, and many more regular events that are part of being a senior. 

While this is truly a disappointment for these seniors, the community has not forgotten about their misfortune and created a movement on a Facebook page called “Adopt a 2020 Mooresville High School Senior!”. There are currently 1,206 members on the page taking part in the movement. The goal of the page is to provide each senior some sort of gift basket or form of recognition upon request. Before a senior can be “adopted” by a member of the community they must fill out a summary of themselves and their likes and dislikes. Gift baskets typically consist of snacks, gift cards, and or clothing. 

It will not bring back the events that each senior missed out on but it is a way to give recognition to each provided that they want it. The page is still active and there are plenty of seniors to still be adopted by anyone who aims to please.