Sunday, May 17, 2020

How MHS Athletes are Handling Adversity by Kimmy Turley

Since the student athletes at MHS are unable to have their daily workouts with Coach Ray, and they are unable to get into any gym at this time, Ray has been providing them with new ways to workout at home.
He has been providing two workouts every day along with their daily Speed and Agility workout. One of those workouts is for students that have access to equipment at home, and the other workout is for students that do not have access to equipment. 
“Providing two separate workouts for them and creating ways they can be innovative with resistance training has allowed them to make the most of their workouts at home,” Ray said. 
The MHS Athletic Department has created a Canvas page during this time to provide all the athletes with workouts that are being posted by Ray. These workouts are being received by all student athletes through the Canvas page, and all of the coaches are receiving the workouts through their emails. 
“In my opinion, the hardest thing for the athletes has been time management and accountability,” Ray said. 

Ray has received feedback from his athletes and other coaches saying that there are a good amount of athletes making the most of their opportunities; however, Ray and the coaches will find out quickly who has been working during this offseason once athletes are able to return to their sport and the weightroom full time.