Friday, May 1, 2020

Tornado Tragedy by Kimmy Turley

   On Wednesday April 8, 2020, a major storm hit downtown Mooresville and caused serious damage. There were many trees that had fallen because of the wind and the tornado that had come through, and many businesses had lost parts of their buildings. 
    I had gone to downtown Mooresville about 20 minutes after the tornado had passed because my mom has her office right on the corner of Main Street. Thankfully, her office, Fairway Independent Mortgage Company, was one of the few that had received no damage from the storm; however, almost every building around hers had experienced building damage such as roofs being torn off or hit, windows being shattered, and even the fronts of some buildings had come off. 
   It has been almost a month since the disaster and between the firefighters, police officers, power companies, business owners, and the town of Mooresville, the town is being rejuvenated. The streets of downtown Mooresville had just opened back up on Saturday April 25, 2020 after being closed for just over three weeks. Some businesses were still up and running while the streets were being closed, but many were closed; however, more and more businesses, including Nosh Bakery, have been opening up since the streets have opened back up.