Plants, Animals, and Farmers Oh My by Arionna Moore

With large amounts of fossil fuel and pollution going into the air, the environment has been declining greatly, and this has caused global panic from scientists and environmental activists. 
Pollution and other human activities have caused animals and natural resources to change greatly. Many places that used to be filled with animals and plants are now factories, or areas where human activity is large. 
Human activities have caused animals and plants to change their way of living and to unnaturally move away. 
Covid-19 has had a similar effect on humans. Covid-19 has caused humans to be contained into a small space because of threat to their species just like many of the plants and animals that have been driven away by human activities. 
Humans are now trapped indoors because of the commonly known coronavirus, and with this, human activity has reduced greatly. 
Since people have been trapped indoors, not as many products are being made. This has caused gas factories to not need to produce so much, and for factories to be declined. 
This reduced human activity has allowed the environment to bounce back up. In places that you have never seen any life before, life is popping up rapidly. 
Animals are now able to breed and grow their population with the reduced amount of poachers, and plants have been able to grow quicker than before. 
Although the quarantining of humans has been great for most plants and animals, it is taking a hard hit on farmers. Restaurants are not getting as many customers, and markets are not selling as many items due to people being stuck inside their house. This causes farmers to not be needed as much as they used to be. 
When farmers grow food intended to sell, but no one needs their food, this causes wasted food and for farmers to get less money than usual. When farmers do not get enough money they cannot afford to feed their animals or get the proper machinery to harvest plants. 
“It has gotten a bit more difficult to get parts that are needed, but the stores have been very accommodating with everything,” farmer Richard Gregory said. 
Normally if there is a decline in the needs of crops, there are other ways for farmers to make money. One way that farmers could normally make money is by showing their animals, but because of the coronavirus pandemic most of the shows have been cancelled. 
“It is still pretty up in the air if there is going to be a county fair or not, but there have been online open shows for people who want to do that,” sophomore Cheyenne Gregory said. 

Many local farmers are still wondering how to sell crops for more money. 

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