Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Boys Volleyball Team Rumors by Ty Stonehouse

                Boys Volleyball Team Rumors

 The rumors of Mooresville High Schools’ boys' volleyball team have been around since the first day of school. The rumors haven’t stopped, and they continue to thrive. So, it comes down to the question of is there really going to be a boys volleyball team. 

“Boys Volleyball is a Spring sport, so it would be after Boys Varsity Basketball in the middle of March,” Marsha Greene said, the secretary athletic director of Mooresville High School.  

“The season would last until the school year eventually comes to an end,” Greene said. According to Greene they are optimistic about the creation of the team. 

“All we need is for students to show interest in the sport. We only have one student so far that expressed their interests,” Greene said. 

Greene also went on to say that the athletic department is still working on the possibilities of gaining a coach for the team. 

Greene also said that they just really need more boys who would express themselves and say that they would definitely want this to happen.

For anyone who is currently enrolled in Mooresville High School and is interested in the boys' volleyball program, please go to the athletic office close to the auditorium to express your interests.

Photo by Jada Schoolcraft