Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Information for Seniors and Early Graduates by Olivia Denny

          Information for Seniors and Early Graduates               

    Students that are eager to graduate high school early may not know the different benefits and the downsides that come along with it. There are so many different scholarships for early grads specifically. One of these is the Mitch Daniels scholarship. This scholarship is open to applicants on August 31st following graduation. The scholarship is $4000 and is open to all graduates with minimum core 40. 
     “Really think about a plan before you decide to graduate early. Ask questions and talk to your counselor,” MHS guidance counselor, Iams said. 
   Seniors like Will Coram have been hunting scholarships and applying to colleges left and right.
    “The best way to get scholarships is to find websites, fastweb.com will match you with schools based on your description, and your interests.” Coram said.
“One way to find scholarships for places you really want to go is through small organizations that are unique. Some of these are the Community Foundation, the Morgan County Foundation and if you bank at Indiana Members Credit Union, there's a scholarship through that. Honestly when applying for scholarships you have to focus on the ones you actually have a chance of getting and doing scholarships for the individual school you want to go to,” Coram said. 

    Juniors that are graduating early meet with the seniors for big informational meetings. They purchase their cap and gown just as the seniors do, and when seniors get called down as a class early grads also attend. They can attend all the senior events like the senior picnic for example. There are so many scholarships to apply for and so many opportunities to succeed as both a senior and an early graduate.