Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Rachel Harshman Profile by Suzanna Paul

            Rachel Harshman Profile

Rachel Harshman is a Junior at Mooresville High School. There are many high expectations for how well she is going to do this year. She is a high achiever and she’s expecting to hit the 1,000 point mark this season or next season. 

“I definitely think I’ve taken more of a leadership role this year because of the seniors that graduated last year.” Harshman said.

Her role as a player this year has also taken quite a bit of a shift. Harshman has become more of a versatile player and all around has been trying to evolve the team in all aspects. 

Harshman has high expectations for the rest of the season for not only herself, but for the entire team.

“I think we’re going to do well the rest of the season, we’re starting to come together as a team and I think that’ll take us pretty far.” Harshman said.

The Varsity Girls Basketball team’s coach is Mark Hurt. He has been coaching Harshman for three years in high school and also during a youth camp over summer. He’s been a coach in general for 38 years and specifically in Mooresville 25 years. He talks about Harshman pretty positively.

“Rachel loves the game of basketball and works hard.” Hurt said.

                                                                 Photo by Ella Davis