Thursday, January 19, 2023

Water Fitness - Shelby McCoy

Mooresville’s Class for Water Fitness

Ever thought about swimming during class? Well, that’s what Mooresville High School's alternative elective has to offer. The Water Fitness class teaches on stability, health, and mindfulness to students who would rather be in the water than the gym.

  Aaron Taylor, a student in the class, has exclaimed that being there has taught him dedication, determination, and it’s rewarding.. This class offers students the opportunity of receiving a certification through swimming to become a lifeguard. It has also brought him closer to his friend Elias Crayton.  

“I’m glad I was given the opportunity to join this class.” Taylor said, sophomore.

  Elias Crayton, friend of Aaron and proud member of the water fitness class added that it was definitely worth joining. He finds it easy and enjoys his time there. Since he joined, he’s found a certain fulfillment and somewhere to place all of his energy. 

“Swimming is exhilarating, and to have the chance to swim as an elective is a great reward.” Crayton said, senior.

Joe White, teacher of the Water Fitness class and well respected coach, says the overall goal of this program is to obtain peak physical conditioning in aquatics. Whether it be for sports, extra practice, or just learning the basics in general, students are able to work on their swimming abilities during class. Some kids may struggle with swimming, and this class helps to achieve a steady pavement to success. 

“It takes zero talent to produce 100% perfect effort.” White said.

  The Water Fitness class offers students great benefits to whoever chooses to join.

Photo by Shelby McCoy