Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Cafeteria's Insight on Nutrition by Shelby McCoy

  Cafeteria's Insight on Nutrition

 Quiet classrooms are a terrible place to have a stomachache. About 74% of kids in the United States go to school hungry every day. Thanks to the willing people who take part in providing protein packed meals, cafeteria staff at the Mooresville High School have made it just one step closer to eliminating student hunger. 

   Deena Knight, manager of the cafeteria, shared that they must follow state guidelines to provide all students with the nutrients they need. They offer fruits, vegetables, protein, grain and dairy, which are essential main food groups that kids should be supplied with. The food isn’t just provided though, it’s served. They make foods that are not only nutritious but delicious. 

“Students cannot focus if their stomachs hurt, because they’re hungry,” Knight said.

Tina Phillips, cafeteria staff member, says that it is essential for students to get the proper vitamins in the meals they eat when they come to school every day. They are open for meal suggestions as well as feedback. Students’ opinions about the school food are listened to and are taken into consideration. 

“If it weren’t for the kids, we would not be here, and they are one of the reasons I enjoy working here,” Phillips said.

The staff has agreed that they are always open to improvement and feedback. If students have a certain meal idea that abides state guidelines, the cafe staff are surely able to look into it. Although some may see it as repetitive, the menu gives students a great variety to choose from. Tina Phillips, as mentioned above, came up with an upcoming idea of pizza burgers every Thursday. 

The nutrition of students at Mooresville High School is very important to the cafeteria staff. Their main priorities are its students, and they can assure that the food is tasty and follows the regulations.

Photo by Shelby McCoy