Thursday, February 14, 2013

Perfect Date Night

Perfect Date Night

   Pulse staff members Abby Ellinghausen and Whitney Smither asked MHS students this question: What would your “perfect” Valentine’s Day date include? Answers are below:

   “A date to dinner with my smoking hott boyfriend, who brings me roses and treats me like a princess,” senior Brett Green said.

   “The perfect Valentine’s date is a nice romantic dinner with my girlfriend Jackie Farrand,” sophomore Peyton Baker said.

   “First off, I would go with my boyfriend. Second, my idea of the perfect date would be cooking together, having a candlelight dinner, and spending the evening watching a show called Doctor Who,” sophomore Sidney Bills said.

“My perfect date would be Cody Zeller picking me up with a horse and carriage and a dozen roses. Then we will go on a romantic candlelight dinner and then head to assembly hall to shoot around,” senior Chelsie Bingham said.