Friday, February 22, 2013

SPOTLIGHTER Invitational this Weekend

   Tomorrow will be the annual Spotlighters Choir invitational hosted by the Mooresville choirs. To see MHS and PHMS choirs, attend Community Night tonight for $5 a seat.
   Every year the choirs go all out in decorating rooms for the visiting choirs to perform in.
   “Decorating the rooms is one of my favorite parts of the Spots invitational,” senior Laurel Gregory said. “We work non-stop the entire day before the competition to make the room as legit as possible.”
   The MHS Spots students get to choose themes to decorate their rooms in, and spend countless dollars and hours arranging the rooms. Juniors Tara Davis, Alivia Duerlinger, Jackie Harris and Rachel Wathen have to decorate Theatre Arts teacher Mrs. Kassen’s room.
   “We are covering one wall in magazines, one wall in newspapers and one wall in mirrors,” Wathen said.
   Wathen enjoys the decorating, but says it has drawbacks.
   “[decorating] can become very stressful,” Wathen said. “We’re really excited to just have fun this year and aren’t focusing as much on winning.”
   Overall, the Spots have a blast decorating their rooms with their friends for others to enjoy.
   “We are making a life-size camel and mummy,” Gregory said. “It’s too legit to quit.”