Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winter Sports Update

by Cassidy Kelley
Wrestling for the Win
   The day in and day out grind of hard work would discourage many others from achieving their goals. But this is not true for the participants in wrestling.
   This year’s wrestling team has made immense progress this year. Seven of them made it to sectionals, and four have gone on to regionals. Senior Brent McCreary advanced to semi-state.
   Their schedule consists of at least 15-20 hours of practice every week. MHS’s wrestling team is hitting the gym every day after school to become the best.
   About to finish his 11th year of teaching and coaching wrestling, Mr. Zach Errett is proud of the progress the team has made through their good work ethic in practice.
   “There are days when practice has been really tough,” Errett said. “But they always manage to pull through and work hard. Over the past few years the kids have really stepped up their game.”
   The only problem the team has is maintaining focus during long meets, but come out on top in the end.   Brent McCreary, who has been wrestling for Mooresville Schools since he was in sixth grade, is proud of the team’s work ethic this year.
   “Everyone wants to get better,” McCreary said.

Swimming and Diving Making a Splash
   Hard work and fortitude are also highly regarded qualities for swimming and diving. Practices are every day before and after school, adding up to a total of at least 15 hours a week. It takes a lot of self-motivation and time commitment to make it in this league.
   “We practice twice a day and swim an average of 10,000 yards,” senior Keegan Seyerle said. “We’ve had a good season but we could still use some work.”
   Just like Keegan, senior and team captain Tori Gilbert has been swimming for MHS for the past four years. Though through all the hard work, she treats it just like any other sport she competes in.
   “I’m able to keep things positive,” Gilbert said. “If you have a bad race just shake it off and get ready for the next one.”
   Junior Levi Jennings has recently made it to the regionals competition for diving.

JV and Varsity Boys’ Basketball: Hustle, Hit, and Never Quit
   Originally getting its name for trying to put a soccer ball in a peach basket, basketball has come a long way through the years. The same goes for Varsity and JV boys’ basketball.
   With their quick and tough guards and their ability to shoot from the three-point line, the JV boys are working hard to finish their season strong.
   Going on his sixth year, JV coach and MHS science teacher Oggy Brewer is enjoying his most recent season with the boys.
   “I like being around the players and their positive attitudes,” Brewer said. “They always try to improve throughout the season so that they’re ready for varsity next year.”
   Junior Keiffer Suddeth, a junior on the team, has been playing basketball for MHS for five years, two being in middle school. To him, the best part about playing the game is being on the team.
   “Everyone can keep their composure,” Suddeth said. “No one gets overly mad. Everything just meshes together.”
   Coach Robert Carter for varsity boys’ basketball, after 29 years of service, is still thoroughly enjoying coaching the sport. He recognizes them as good young men whose unselfishness as a team create a strong bond. He hopes that it will work out to pay huge dividends as they work and grow together.
   Though this is his first year playing for MHS after previously being home-schooled, senior Jonathan Gluntz has always been interested in the game.
   “It’s an exciting sport,” Gluntz said. “You’re always moving around or doing something.”
   Despite having to push through their fatigue and double weekend games, the team prides themselves on their hustle and grit. They all set out to improve themselves and win as many games as they can.
   The entire team understands the growing process that they’re in. After losing two starters to disciplinary reasons and their team consisting of a freshman and three sophomores, it leaves a very thin margin for error. Their sectional competition begins Tuesday at home.    
   “I am proud of our players for maintaining the course and competing each and every game,” Carter said. “We feel confident that we can improve our marks as we head into Sectional play.”

JV and Varsity Girls’ Basketball: In It to Win It
   Being varsity lettered for four years, senior Mandy Fisher knows plenty about playing the game of basketball. Beginning at the age of six, Fisher knows how great the feeling is to put in hard work and get an amazing outcome.
   “The feeling you have after winning a hard fought game that took tons of effort and teamwork is an incredible feeling,” Fisher said.
   Coach Mark Hurt, who has been doing his job for the past 15 years, is proud of the girls’ good defensive skills and athleticism.
   “Each year is a new challenge,” Hurt said. “And the players have done a good job of accepting the competition.”
   Varsity went on to compete against Roncalli in the regional finals. They were defeated, but finished their successful season with a record of 19-5. They ranked ninth in the IndyStar’s “Girls’ Fab 15” for basketball.
The JV girls’ team has had an extremely successful season with an end score of 18-2, and a 6-0 in conference. JV coach Heather Harper is very proud of the girls this year. Out of the three years she has coached this one has been the best, with last year’s season of 15-5 being a close second. The girls completely exceeded her expectations. Sophomore Megan Acres is also proud of the team, especially after winning a really close game.
   “The only time I ever really get nervous is when we’re tied at the end of the game with only a few seconds left to score,” Acres said. “At the beginning of the year it’s a little hard to come together as a team but we eventually get everything worked out.”
   Due to life-planning decisions, Coach Harper will not be returning to coaching the JV team next year. She is ending her career with a 45-9 score.