Monday, February 22, 2016

By Erin Phillips
Dress Shopping
Prom is a milestone in most teenage girls’ lives; however, it is a very expensive milestone. Mooresville High School teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Burnette’s daughter, Emily, is a student at Plainfield High School with an amazing idea.
Her and her friend Belle Jacobs have found a way to make prom more affordable. They are holding a prom dress resale at their school. They are calling it “Twice as Nice”.
“Twice as Nice” is sale that will have between 100 and 150 gently used or brand new dresses that vary in colors, shapes, and sizes; there will also be items for men at a reduced cost. The dresses range from size zero to size 20. Along with the dresses, they also have purses, shoes, and jewelry.
            “The dresses are $20 a piece, and if you return it after prom, you get a $10 voucher for next year. If you’re a senior and will be graduating, you can give your voucher to someone else,” Mrs. Burnette said.
            Donations will also be accepted. The sale will be held from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. on March 12, at Plainfield High School. All of the proceeds will to the Gathering Place, which is a hospice organization.
            Most of the dresses are brand new. Last year when Deb was going out of business, “Twice as Nice” got several dresses at a very discounted price. The dresses that aren’t new, are all gently used.
            “We have a considerable amount of dresses, along with some shirts and jackets for men. We also have shoes and accessories. We are looking forward to being apart of your prom experience,” Emily said.
            She started the project to help local students make prom more affordable for the students who can’t afford it.
            “The idea for the resale came when I read about how expensive prom was. Honestly, I think it is ridiculous how much it costs when you include dinner, tickets, and anything else. I had heard about programs like Twice as Nice, and thought it was something that PHS could use.”
“We decided to donate all the proceeds to the gathering, a hospice center, because of the wonderful work they do. This year when my mom started working at Mooresville, I realized that other schools could use a chance to shop at a place like Twice as Nice. So, we are very excited to open up our sale,” Burnette said.