Thursday, February 25, 2016

by Lacey Watt

Variety of snacks line one table while goody bags with valentine cards line the other. The buddies worked hard on decorating the bags so every friend could have one. “They’re friends I’ll never forget,” sophomore Rebecca Dreher said.


Senior Emily Novicki sits alone as she eats a cupcake and makes a valentine card for a buddy. Sophomore Madison Peterman jumped from behind Novicki, making her jump with laughter. “You’re crazy!” Novicki said.


Everyone waits in line patiently to grab their favorite snack, and lightly has conversation with others. Friends chatted with each other on the reason why they wanted to joined the club in the beginning. “Best Buddies shows how much inclusion really means to us,” sophomore Sydney Heitmann said.


Sophomore Mariah Johnson is writing words of encouragement to her buddy Emily. Red, pink, and purple markers get passed back and forth between her and her friends. “I just love seeing her smile and having a good time,” Johnson said.


Novicki grabs her third bag as she gets ready to go home. Wanting to do it herself, she declined help from Peterman. “Okay then, let’s just get you home,” Peterman said.