Friday, February 26, 2016

by Rowan Miracle 
The class stops and listens to Mr. Jason Damron as he informs them about the Spotlighter Invitational. Even though most have hosted before, the past years had less school's participating. “I love the happiness and joy it brings me, I also love that feeling of how hard you work finally getting paid off,” sophomore Katie Biddle said.

Sophomore Hannah Gray asks Damron about the room decorations. She had asked earlier but she still had concerns. “It’s good to have comfortable relationships with your teachers so you can ask questions, learn more, and it makes the class more fun too,” Gray said.

Junior Lexi Aichinger is showing Gray what note the sight reading starts on. Gray hated sight reading last year, but she is improving drastically.” Sight reading helps you be able to do things on your own,” sophomore Grace Freer said.
Finesse and Madrigals are learning a new song to sing on the Disney trip. Every year the choirs have learned a song to sing at the clinic.” I love Disney and my choir friends and going to Florida! The song is so cute.” Sophomore Mariah Johnson said.
The bell rings but no one moves until the song comes to a complete stop. Then backpacks flew up in the air and the chatter started up again. “I hate leaving choir class because it’s my favorite part of the day. It makes me feel like I accomplished something.” sophomore Maddie Sussman said.