Friday, February 26, 2016

by George Jeffries

Brandy Sawyer stays active and fit by running and working out daily. When attending Mooresville High School, Sawyer stayed fit by playing volleyball, basketball, and softball. “I remember certain (volleyball) practices were practices where we could not stop moving the entire time. It was lots of conditioning and was tiring but it definitely got us into shape,” Sawyer said.

Today, Sawyer is a high school gym teacher. Her teaching began at Benton Central High School in 2002. “Teaching here is actually quite different than teaching at Benton Central. Classes are run differently, a male teacher had all the male P.E. students and I had all the female students,” Sawyer said.
Brandy Sawyer’s day starts off in the girls’ P.E. locker room. Although she had an office before renovations happened, it was on a different side of the high school which made getting to and from her office and classes a hassle. “The new facility’s are really nice and make things a lot easier. Having my own office in the locker room gives me a peace of mind because I know where not only my personal things are but equipment that we use for class,” Sawyer said.

Sawyer goes through a slideshow with one of her health classes. Sawyer used a room for health classes that is now apart of the newly renovated VLC. “Switching classrooms can be stressful at times, but I’m just glad we are able to have the class to inform and educate students to better themselves physically,” Sawyer said.
Sawyer keeps her health class interested by having almost a conversation about the lesson instead of giving them a lesson from the book. Students had completed multiple book work assignments in the previous days. “I like to keep the kids interested so they actually want to participate in class, rather than give them bookwork day after day,” Sawyer said.