Friday, February 26, 2016

by Hunter Dickerson

Seniors Seth Heitmann and Kylan Williamson are mentally preparing themselves for the swim meet. Sectionals is made up of two Separate meets: Preliminaries and Finals, and they always have drops in times for most swimmers, and always extremely energetic. “It was intense and very enthusiastic. It made me feel amazing, as it did for the team too. I’m glad we made it this far, and I’m happy with the team we had,” senior Kaleb Owens said


Seth is watching one of his teammates swim his event. The Mooresville Swim Team was pushing themselves very hard, and broke 3 records at the Preliminaries and Finals of the Sectionals. “I think that we did alright. This has been the best year we’ve had since I’ve been on the team,” Junior Nathaniel Snyder said.

Sophomore Noah Wheele is on the starting block, he is about to begin his long race. He did very well in his race, but didn’t get to make it to Finals the following Saturday for this individual event. “I was happy I made it so far, for only being in the pool a month,” Nick Phillips said.

Seth is completing the last lap of his 500 yard freestyle, touching the pad to stop the clock. He had a very good time, and managed to make it into the Consolation heat for the the Finals Saturday, along with sophomores Noah Wheele and Taylor Johnson, juniors Nick Phillips, Nathaniel Snyder, Ashton Johnson, and Thomas Weber, and seniors Kylan Williamson and Dylan Rogier, both ending their swimming career with amazing times. “It was very awesome. I had a lot of fun and got PR’s,” Weber said.

Nick Phillips is swimming the 100 yard breaststroke.  He pushed himself very hard, and he nearly broke his record at the Finals portion of Sectionals. At the end of Sectionals, the Mooresville team was ranked 7th, the highest they have ever been ranked before, also with the most people making it to Finals than ever before. “I feel like this is the best guys team Mooresville has seen in some time. We had a majority of PR’s, and, I believe, four school records this year. We are a student body that has taken the brutal test snf er overcame that obstacle. It was an honor and privilege to know each and every one of my teammates and it’s a shame I won’t see them progress again next year,” Seth said.