Friday, February 26, 2016

by Peighton Noel

Mrs. Stephanie Burnett’s first period English nine honors interdisciplinary class answers questions on their laptop about the book they are reading, Night by Elie Wiesel. This book taught the students what it was like to live as a Jew in the Holocaust. “This piece of nonfiction allows students to take a journey through the harsh realities of the Holocaust,” Burnett said.

Freshman students read about the horrible travesties during the Holocaust. During the time of the Holocaust, many innocent lives were lost. “I’m not sure if there are words to describe the unimaginable crimes committed during the holocaust,” Burnett said.

The students read together in their books. Elie Wiesel wrote his book, Night, to tell about his experience in the Auschwitz. “I believe this unit of study will leave a lasting impact on students. It will open their eyes to the injustices of the past,” Burnett said.

Mr. Jason Wilburn’s third period U.S. History honors interdisciplinary students watch a documentary on World War II. The documentary was called “The World Wars.” “I feel that the Holocaust is an emotional event that easily captures the essence of evil and destruction as a means to an unjust end,” Wilburn said.

Freshman student Jackson Crum answer questions about the documentary. Jackson didn’t realize how bad the Holocaust actually was until he began studying about it with his class. “I had a general idea, but it’s much worse than I thought. I’m completely and udderly baffled that something like that happen,” Crum said.