Thursday, February 25, 2016

by Michaela Blessing


Principles of Biomedical Sciences students working on their experimental design lab reports. Students had been working on the blood pressure lab all week long. “Your blood pressure varies with different body positions,” sophomore Mackenzie Scott said about her lab.


First year PLTW science students discussing their blood pressure lab results. Their lab tested how salt affects blood pressure. “I like that I get to know how to take it. Like it’s interesting knowing how to take it,” sophomore Grace Freer said referring to blood pressure.


Students begin to take each other’s blood pressure rate to begin the lab. They had been taking blood pressure measurements all week and had become very accustomed to doing it. “I learned how to take someone’s blood pressure,” sophomore Mackenzee Williams said.


The whole class finishing up the last touches on their experimental design lab reports. All of the lab reports had been very different depending on the type of lab. “This project always comes at a good time of year to help them get engaged. It’s exciting to see them pick a topic that interests them and design an experiment to test that on blood pressure,” Ms. Alicia King said.

Students leave class and prepare for their quiz on blood pressure the next day. They had all finished almost finished their experimental designs at this point. “I learned that systolic blood pressure is when the ventricles are at max. contraction and diastolic is when they are relaxed,” sophomore Kristen Conner said.